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Teaching management overview

1. Changes to the teaching management
Our hospital arranges a senior attending doctor with a rich teaching experience as the tutor responsible for education each year to participate in teaching. Our department holds meetings on teaching issues according to the tasks given by the medical school. The incumbent director of the department is Professor Xu Congjian, President of the OB/GYN hospital. He takes the responsibility of arranging and adjusting the teaching work. Teaching is integrated at the department level. There are teaching groups, exam groups and supervising groups. The textbooks, the syllabus and the exam will be the same. So will be the exam standards and the examiners.

2. Strict teaching management to guarantee the teaching quality
The teachers selected are kind and good at teaching. We change the teachers who failed to meet our demands and who got a poor score in the feedbacks from the students every term. Before the theory teaching, we select one professor as the teaching leader who sets up the teaching plan, presides the meeting of preparing for the course together, works out the teaching plan and revise it. We will also organize some trial lectures for young teachers, and only the teachers who successfully passed the trial lectures can formally teach the students. These teaching management measures have provided a good guarantee to ensure the quality of teaching.

When the long schooling students enter into clinical studies, they will be supervised by their tutor to complete the dissertations through research. They will also be supervised by several teachers on basic clinical operational standards to improve their clinical ability. Through the supervising system, we can improve the long schooling plan, optimize the curriculum structure and transform the contents and teaching methods.

3. To have a sound quality control and evaluation system; to have a system that incentivize the teachers.

(1) To have a leading group on teaching and a expert group on supervising.
The groups are comprised of a vice president in charge, a department director, the director on research and many prestigious, clinically-experienced and teaching-active professors and relevant management staff. The supervising professors will be involved in the teaching plan editing, supervising to the teachers in the class or in the wards, ward and class rounds and the scoring for the teachers on their promotion, to reveal the facts, both on teaching and studying.

(2) To have a sound evaluation system
The quality monitor and evaluation on many issues have become the norm for each term. To improve on the issues and the evaluation results will be linked with the year-end assessment.

(3) Establish a mechanism to incentivize the teachers to be more involved in teaching, and have teaching competition.
Our hospital will, at a certain time, select young teachers to participate the lecture competition, teaching competition and other events with many awards won. Towards the end of each year, the teachers will be evaluated by the students and the supervising experts. The teachers with a good result and rated A will be encouraged and rewarded.

4. Clinical experience, research training, field change and the exams
All the teachers will be devoted in answering questions, tutoring and supervising. The teaching unit will have a “Second class” should there be a teaching demand. With the guidance, they will have extra curriculum reading, review the literature, translate the foreign articles and write dissertations. The renowned professors will have lectures; organize the students in social events. The results are very good. The teaching and research department has a sound system. They can organize the exam and conduct it in a strict way. The scoring system is the same with a just checking standard. The test is in line with the syllabus, with memory, understanding and application considered.

5. Teaching results and quality
We will control the teaching quality. All the teachers will be approved by the teaching and research department. The teachers responsible for big lectures will have years of experience. The department participates in the lecture competition every year and rewards the winners. Before the completion of each round of teaching, we will evaluate the teachers. The result will be a key factor for their promotion. OB/GYN teaching is enterprising with different forms. The contents are rich and the students love them. They say that the content is precise. The key points and difficult bits are clear. The teachers can show them typical case studies to enlighten the students and impress them.

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