Chen Xiao-jun

NAME: Chen Xiao-jun
TITLE: M.A. adviser; chief physician
JOB: deputy secretary of party committee
CONTACT: cxjhjj@163.com

Diagnosis, treatment and basic scientific research of gynecological tumors, especially endometriosis and its precancerous lesion.

In the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University, she is the deputy secretary of party committee, the Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, and the chairman of labour union. Besides her outstanding executive post, she is also known for her good clinical skills on gynecological tumors and pelvic floor disorders as a chief physician. She is the master's supervisor for basic and clinical research on gynecological oncology, member of Shanghai Medical Association Committee of gynecological tumor, member of the first session of youth committee and Youth Group leader of gynecological oncology, Chinese Anti-Cancern Association(CACA). During past several years, she has got several scientific research funding, two from the National Natural Science Fundation of China (NSFC), two from the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai. She has published over twenty papers, which includes 10 SCI papers, been selected to join Shanghai “Star of Science and Technology Plan”, Shanghai “Youth medical talents training plan”, and Fudan University “Century Star Plan”. Furthermore, she is the major translator of two English OBGYN reference books, and participate in editing the two OBGYN books of high medical school.

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