Li Xiao-tian

NAME: Li Xiaotian
DATE of BIRTH: 1966-03
TITLE: Professor, M.D, Ph.D. adviser, chief physician
JOB: Vice President (in charge of medicine) Director of Obstetrics Department
CONTACT: Xiaotianli555@163.com

Common diseases and frequently encountered diseases of obstetrics and gynecology. Especially expert in pregestational diagnosis of high-risk pregnancy.

He is the vice president and director of teaching and research section of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University´╝îeditorial member of , member of Chinese society of perinatal medicine. He is engaged in clinical and scientific research of high-risk pregnancy, fetal distress, perinatal medicine and prenatal diagosis. In this course, he taught the lessons about the aspect above. He is the advisor of eight graduate and postgraduate students.  He has published over forty papers in recent years, took charge of several NSFC projects and Chinese Medical Board (CMB), He was selected as one of excellent academic leaders of Shanghai, Shanghai “Leading Talent Plan” and et al. The project he guided named “Digital signal processing technology of fetal heart rate variability” won The third prize of Shanghai Medical Science Prize.

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