Brief Introduction of the Hospital

The Obstertrics & Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University (Shanghai Red House Ob & Gyn Hospital) developed on the basis of Xi Men Women and Children Hospital-a missionary hospital and the first women and children hospital in Shanghai donated by an erican woman, Ms.Margaret Williamson in 1884. Over the one hundred years, the hospital has been called by the local residents as «  Red House Hospital » since the roof of its building is shining red under the sunshine. The hospital is « AAA » tertiary care specialty hospital, Shanghai Red Cross Ob & Gyn Hospital, and Model Unit in Shanghai.

With the consistent efforts of generations of people over more than one hundred years at Shanghai Red House Ob & Gyn Hospital led by Prof. Shuzhen Wang, a pioneer of modern obstetric and gynecological services in China, the hospital has now developed into a national leading academic center specialized in women’s healthcare with two hospital branches (named Huangpu branch and Yangpu branch respectively), occupying a space of 4.33 hectare with a total floor space of 84600 square meters. The hospital has a bed capacity of 820 and 14 clinical and auxiliary departments, providing clinical service to over 1,300,000 outpatients and 46,000 inpatients, both of which are the highest among the three Ob&Gyn specialized hospitals in Shanghai. The hospital owns several clinical departments as the department of Gynecolcogy, Obstetrics, Family planning, Chinese Medicine combined with Western Medicine, Neonatology, Cervical disease center and mammary gland branch, etc. The Department of Obstetrics and the Department Gynecology are elected as the national key clinics in 2010. The hospital also serves as the demonstration site for MOH hospital service standards for obstetrics and gynecology as well as Shanghai Clinical Quality Control Center for Gynecology. Its clinical and teaching programs have been recognized as State Key Specialties, Shanghai Key Specialties, National Model Programs and 211 Engineering Priority Specialty Building Projects. The research programs undertaken by the hospital includes 985 national key projects, and other national key research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation.

The hospital owns clinical or basic institutions as follows:
Shanghai Critical Laboratory for Reproductive Endocrinology Related Diseases
Obstetrics and Gynecology Institution
Shanghai Menstrual Disease Center Treated by Chinese Medicine Combined with Western Medicine
Shanghai Female Reproductive Endocrinology Center
Shanghai Primary Prevention Center for Birth Defects
Shanghai Jiai Genetics & IVF Institute
Shanghai Clinical Control Center for Gynecological Diseases
Gynecological Endoscope Training Base of Ministry of Public Health
Gynecological Oncology Training Center in Eastern China Area


Huangpu Campus:
Address:No.419 Fangxie Rd. Shanghai      Zip code:200011

Traffic:Buses: No. 18、43、23、218、955、984、931;No.1 Daqiao line、No.2 Daqiao line、Nanshe line、No.8 Guidao Jiaotong、No.9 Guidao Jiaotong

Yangpu Campus:
Address:No.128, Shenyang Rd.  Zip code:200090
TrafficFrom Metro line No. 4 Dalian Rd Station change bus No.25 or No. 137;  Buses No.853、155、317、Shenchuan line to cross road of Pingliang Rd. and Meizhou Rd.

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